Green energy investor to boost local power demand

Kenya’s energy sector is set get a boost following the entry of an independent power producer that will produce upto 200MW (mega watts) over the next two years.

Blue Sea Energy Ltd will generate power from wind and solar in a push to move away from heavy reliance on hydro and fossil fuels as energy sources.

Hydropower has in the past proved unreliable despite being a key electricity generation source due to erratic weather. Volatility in crude oil prices has been blamed for an unpredictable power pricing structure that in most cases always tends to upwards.

Blue Sea Energy Chief Executive John Majiwa said the firm has invested Sh1 billion in purchasing wind turbines that are scheduled to arrive in the country next month.

He added that the firm would spend another Sh5 billion in setting up and commissioning wind farms across the country.

The Wind farms will be set up in Rift Valley, Coast, Nyanza and North Eastern areas. “Our production will be from clean sources and in addition to the Sh6 billion we are investing in wind energy. A further Sh2 billion will be invested in solar energy,” he said.

Street lighting

The firm is targeting local authorities across the country in an ambitious project it said would help light up streetlights in urban areas.

“We have a hybrid street light that generates power from both solar and wind meaning if there is absence of one, there is a back up,” said Mr Majiwa.

“We are also in talks with Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) so that we can sell excess capacity to the power retailer,” he added.

The investor is among other private firms that have invested in large-scale power production.

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project has almost concluded setting up a wind farm in Turkana.

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