Bioenergy Investments

For investors who want to tap into the rising demand for renewable energy. Sceptre Group offer consulting services for full turnkey  second generation bioenergy plantation plus establishment and specialised ongoing management services. This includes joint venture projects for organizations and compananies who wish to develop their own fully managed bioenergy plantation.

Test Tube Sceptre Group works in partnership with several experienced renewable energy company that have experience in the research and development of genetically superior planting material, best management practices in plantations and green oil production.

Sceptre currenlty offers you five different species of green oil producing plant from Millettia, Jatropha, Sweet Sorghum and Oil Palm from three different programme managers. This enables us to provide leading direction to companies, governments and other organisations establishing green oil and sustainable energy projects throughout the world.

This is aimed at large organizations and investment groups who are looking for a complete green oil plantation solution including, initial planning, land acquisition, development, ongoing management of the green oil plantation and related generation of clean sustainable electricity .

We also offer retail investments structured on a leased land ownership and separate managment contract to procure the green oil from the land . In the crude oil industry,  Exploration Crude Oil leases or ‘oil properties’  are both expensive to locate and risky to survey and confirm as commercially viable. The green oil industry also has this same process in that our programme managers identify suitable land and surveys them to ensure they have the right agroforestry orientated qualities required to make commercially viable oil production. The costs and risks of exploration are significantly reduced because it is not required to go under the ground and also benefit in that the programme managers can have significant influence over the oil properties through water management, soil mechanics, biology and chemistry adjustments.

The programme managers do have to consider political and social risk through property assessment as you would with crude oil leases but the technology and skill level requirements for labour is much more widely available than for the deep drilling of crude oil.

This can be simply deduce through simply actuarial processes the likely yields of oil from our new ‘Green Oil Leases’ through the type and number of trees that can be planted on the land available.

Unlike crude oil operations which require significant technology and skilled labour inputs to drill the holes and handle the logistics of a very volatile product. The oil assets are developed simply through the structured and well implemented farming and planting of oil and energy crops. You now have proven oil resources with production yields current and forecasted for many years into the future.

You as a Green Oil Lease owner in any of our products will own these ‘green oil properties’ which are literally parcels of land with energy crops on them. All of our  programme managers are UK based and the investment is transacted through either a UK regulated trustee, notary or solicitor who will document and confirm land tenure issues for your security. All of our schemes we recommend  have at least one of the following in place: land held by trust, debenture secured against freehold, fund fidelity insurance and comprehensive plantation insurance to protect returns.

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