The Investment Management Association’s (IMA) quarterly statistics issued in August 2010 show that:

Net retail sales of Ethical funds totalled £98 million in Quarter 2 2010. This is well above the average of the past four quarters and the highest net sales figure since Quarter 4 2007.

Commenting on the IMA statistics, Adam Ognall, deputy chief executive of UKSIF, which organises National Ethical Investment Week in November, said:

“Investment in ethical funds has returned to levels not seen since the credit crunch took hold in 2007. It is a very positive sign that increasing numbers of investors want to make money and make a difference.

ethical investments As the economy continues to stutter, consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of their investments and the opportunity for their finance and investment decisions to have a positive long term impact. Modern green and ethical investment is now an attractive choice for mainstream investors.

For investors who want to tap into the rising demand for renewable energy. Sceptre Group offer consulting services for full turnkey second generation bioenergy plantation plus establishment and specialised ongoing management services. All of our  programme managers are UK based and the investments are transacted through either a UK regulated trustee, notary or solicitor.

To learn more about ethical investment opportunities, please visit our website:

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