Sceptre Group – Indonesia plans 100th anniversary celebration of Palm Oil Industry

A celebration of 100 years of Palm Oil production, to be highlighted with a number of events such as seminars, exhibitions, sports tournaments and charity, will be organized in Medan, North Sumatra, on March 28-30, 2011.

Most importantly, the event will also be used as an opportunity to correct public misconceptions on negative impacts of oil palm plantations on the environment.

The Indonesian Palm Oil Producer Association (GAPKI) Chairman, Joefly Bahroeny, told journalists in Jakarta on Friday (Oct 22) that Indonesia’s crude palm oil (CPO) production was expected to reach 22 million tons this year, up nearly 1 million tons from the year before.

palm_oil With the area of palm oil plantations covering 7.3 million hectares coupled with constant efforts to increase their productivity, the target of CPO production of 22 million tons for this year could be achieved, he said. Nearly 16 million tons of the CPO production this year could be exported, he said.

He believed the global CPO prices which hit a record high of US$1,000 per ton in recent weeks could benefit the country`s export of the commodity.

Agriculture Minister Suswono said recently that the government would continue to take efforts to assure its palm oil industry remains sustainable and eco-friendly.

He said the government would also encourage development of oil palm plantations that respect eco-sustainability.

Supporting to the agriculture minister`s statement, Vice Trade Minister Mahendra Siregar in a press statement recently said that the government would continue to protect the palm oil industry so that it would develop in a sustainable way.


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