Sceptre Group – World Market for Biofuels Expected to Double

World demand for biofuels will expand at a nearly 20 percent annual pace to 92 million metric tons in 2011, despite recent concerns about the impact of biofuels on the environment and food supplies, according to Freedonia Research.

Market expansion will come from a more than doubling of the world market for bioethanol, and even faster increases in global biodiesel demand through 2011, says an Industry Study on World Biofuels. Other biofuels will also experience strong growth, though much slower than either biodiesel or bioethanol.

On a regional basis, growth will be driven by a rapid expansion of the biofuel market in North America, particularly for bioethanol. The Asia/Pacific region and Western Europe will experience even faster advances, although absolute gains will trail the larger North American market. Similarly, increases in the small Africa/Mideast and Eastern Europe markets will be well above average. Growth in Latin America will be modest, a consequence of Brazil’s already sizable market for bioethanol.

Sceptre Group Limited is a specialist investment firm focused on the promotion of green oil, bioenergy, associated green technologies and environmental credits.

At Sceptre we strive to enhance our core service in order to add value. Our business is divided between retail investment opportunities and consulting services for full turnkey biofuel plantation including establishment and specialised ongoing management services. Our commitment to a long-term partnership with our customers enables us to produce a service suited to their specific requirements. For more information, please visit our website:

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