www.sceptreinternational.com – Sceptre Group Limited – German energy-based CO2 seen rising 4% in 2010

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are expected to increase due to growing energy demand, as the largest economy in the EU recovers from a financial recession, the German association of energy producers (Ageb) said on Tuesday in a press release.

In the first nine months of 2010, energy consumption in the country rose 4.1 per cent to 10,216 petajoules compared to the previous corresponding period, with most of the growth based on an increase in fossil-fuel fired power generation.

Ageb’s forecast suggests that utilities in Germany will need more carbon permits under the EU emissions trading scheme this year than in 2009.

Last year, the German power and heat sector emitted 291.7 million tonnes of CO2, 23.7 million fewer than the previous year, but still leaving companies needing to buy 80 million EU allowances.

In 2010, the allocation of free EUAs grew 6 million to 214.2 million, but emissions could rise above 300 million tonnes, widening the EUA shortfall to 88 million, according to Point Carbon News calculations based on Ageb data.

In January-September, demand for coal in the power and manufacturing sector soared 11 per cent to 81.6 million tonnes compared to the same period last year.

While consumption of hard coal grew 22.5 per cent over the period to 43.6 million tonnes, the demand for brown coal remained stable at last year’s level at 38 million tonnes, data shows.

Brown coal, also know as lignite, is one of the most carbon intensive fuels when burned, but hard coal also ranks high on the list of the most carbon dioxide per unit of energy produced.
source: www.pointcarbon.com

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