Sceptre Group Limited – EU may propose CO2 credit curb plan at Cancun

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The European Commission has signaled its intentions to propose a plant to limit the use of some carbon credits from controversial industrial gas projects in its ETS at next week’s UN climate meeting in Cancun, Mexico.

Hydrofluorocarbon-23 (HFC-23) project developers have come under scrutiny by the UN as fears were raised that some developers were adjusting their plants to produce more HFC-23 and then destroying it to benefit from profitable carbon credits.

The EU Commission is discussing whether to propose curbs or ban such offsets outright from 2013 in its ETS. The Commission hopes to have its proposal ready and unveil it at the summit. “We are trying to have it ready for Cancun, and that might be in the first week or the second week of the meeting,” a commission spokeswoman told Reuters.


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