Sceptre International Group Limited – – What is carbon offsetting?

Everyday actions such as driving a car, heating a home or taking a plane journey consume energy and produce carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change. The main priority is to avoid and reduce these emissions, as much as possible.

windfarm Some emissions are unavoidable, however – and carbon offsetting compensates for your unavoidable emissions by paying someone to make an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere in the world. More and more individuals and businesses are volunteering to offset their emissions. Offsetting is not a “cure” for climate change; the most effective way to combat climate change is to reduce emissions. However, if done in the right way, offsetting can reduce the impact of our actions and help raise awareness of the issue. The cost of offsetting can also incentivise reductions.

    * Offsetting involves measuring emissions from our activities, which helps to raise awareness of their impact. Combined with action taken to reduce emissions, carbon offsetting can help to tackle climate change.
    * When done in a thorough and responsible way, offsetting projects reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding the release of CO2 that would have otherwise happened. On a global scale, offsetting can help maintain an improved balance between our production and reduction of emissions.
    * Carbon offsetting projects approved by the United Nations often substitute fossil fuel power with clean energy sources in developing countries, encouraging investment in new, cleaner technologies. Such projects can also have additional benefits, such as creating local jobs or helping reduce water stress.

To be able to offset, an individual or organisation must have already calculated their emissions to know much many tonnes of CO2 they wish to offset. Once the number of tonnes to be offset is known, credits can be bought from emissions reduction projects for the equivalent amount.

(source: Department of Energy & Climate Change )

Sceptre Group Limited opened its carbon trading desk in the third quarter of 2010.

At Sceptre, we have partnered with key companies within the carbon market to offer our clients the best quality credits available  in both the voluntray and compliant markets. Sceptre is a  member of the Carbon Trade Exchange in London which has develped the worlds largest electronic spot trading platform for voluntary markets. The demand for these voluntary offsets, fuelled by corporate commitments to become “carbon neutral,” is growing rapidly.
For more information, please visit our website:

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