Sceptre International Group Limited – – Why Emissions Trading?

Climate change science says we need to stabilize and eventually minimize CO2 levels in our atmosphere. In a world where pollution has no price (consequence), the default decision will always be to pollute. The carbon market is one vehicle that will help steer the world to lower pollution levels.

The aim of the global market is to encourage emitters to introduce new clean energy technologies and practices, while at the same time placing a price on pollution and thereby providing incentives for individuals and organizations to emit less.

Recognizing that reducing emissions can have different costs to different companies and countries, markets offer both flexibility in meeting targets cost-effectively and create a value for the emission reductions. Emissions trading encourages reductions to take place where they are the least costly, and offers the potential to significantly reduce the overall costs of meeting climate goals.


Sceptre Group is a member of the Markit Environmental Registry.  This provides Sceptre the transparency and credibility for the listing and management of all environmental assets including carbon credits.

At Sceptre, we know that a business strategy centered around being carbon neutral can bring value to your core business as well as to the environment.  To help you realize that value, we offer strategy, implementation, management and communications services to maximize your company’s returns in the context of both business and sustainability goals. Sceptre  offers carbon footprint calculation, carbon management and reduction services  through both compliant and voluntary markets.
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