Sceptre International Group Limited – GreenWorld starts carbon trading activities in gas

Florida based GreenWorld Development, Inc., the American-Irish “Green and Health Technologies” conglomerate, is extending the activities of its Carbon Trading Desk in Hamburg, Germany, into gas trading.

Through its Carbon Trading Desk in Hamburg, Germany, GreenWorld Development, Inc. (OTCBB: FRXP) has access to the growing carbon trading market which has global importance for the balancing of carbon dioxide emissions.

Additionally, its Hamburg Carbon Trading Desk is now registering in the major European gas trading platforms to participate in this lucrative gas trading market.

“This offers profitable cross-selling opportunities,” GreenWorld-CEO Leo J. Heinl says: “We pay for gas shipments with carbon credits and vice versa.”

GreenWorld, therefore, will become a participant in both European markets.

The market for carbon credits was worth around $136 billion last year, according to analysts Point Carbon. Carbon credits and carbon markets are a component of national and international attempts to mitigate the growth in concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

One carbon credit is equal to one ton of carbon dioxide, or in some markets, carbon dioxide equivalent gases. Greenhouse gas emissions are capped and then markets are used to allocate the emissions among the group of regulated sources.

The optimal carbon price, or optimal carbon tax, is the market price (or carbon tax) on carbon emissions that balances the incremental costs of reducing carbon emissions with the incremental benefits of reducing climate damages.(

Sceptre Group Limited is a specialist investment firm focused in low carbon financial investments such as sustainable biofuel plantations, agricultural farmland and green technologies.
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