Sceptre International Group Limited – Sceptre International News – Low-carbon cars rev up market share

January sees a 65 per cent increase in registrations of new cars emitting less than 100g/km

The number of low-carbon cars on the UK’s roads is increasing rapidly, according to industry figures released today that show demand for fuel-efficient vehicles is climbing fast.

Cars with CO2 emissions under 100g/km increased their market share by 65 per cent during January, maintaining a consistent upwards trajectory, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (SMMT).

Of the 128,811 new cars registered in January – a fall of 11.5 per cent on 2010 – 3,469 cars were under the 100g/km mark, compared to 2,095 in January 2010.

The figures also show that consumers are plumping for cleaner cars. The average new car’s CO2 emissions were 141.5g/km in January, compared with an average of 144.2g/km in 2010. EU regulations mean the UK will have to ensure that all new cars emit less than 130g/km by 2015.

The SMMT put these trends down to growing customer demand for fuel-efficient vehicles and improvements in technology that allowed manufacturers to offer 48 new low-emission models in January 2011, almost double the 2010 figure.

“This trend has been driven by consumer demand and more efficient technology making new vehicles even more efficient,” an SMMT spokeswoman told BusinessGreen. “We expect the low-carbon trend to continue and be higher next year.”

The number of alternative-fuelled vehicles dropped marginally in January compared to last year, but retained a market share of 1.4 per cent because the overall number of new car registrations fell.

“This is in line with SMMT forecasts and marks the beginning of a challenging year for the UK motor industry,” said Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive. “Despite the challenging conditions, the demand for low-CO2-emitting and highly fuel-efficient cars continues to grow.”


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