Sceptre International Group News | Biofuel Sales Reach New Record Levels


NEW ZEALAND – Independent fuel retailer Gull New Zealand has today reported record biofuel sales volumes.

Over the past three years, Gull has expanded its biofuel range and its distribution and now sells bio fuels at 39 locations throughout the North Island, said Dave Bodger, General Manager Gull New Zealand.

“Biofuel has been incredibly successful. Sales have grown steadily and now account for more than 235,000 fuel transactions every month. Last September we launched Gull Diesel Max to complete our biofuels range. Gull Regular Plus is become now our top seller by volume, outselling Regular, Diesel and Gull Force 10, and we have three sites devoted exclusively to biofuels.”
Biofuels were launched in New Zealand in 2007 as part of the Government’s policy to fight climate change and reduce dependence on imported transport fuels.

The public is clearly enthusiastic about biofuels, says Bodger, and there’s plenty of potential to grow the biofuel market even further as part of New Zealand’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol and the Copenhagen Accord.
“The Government’s vision and fiscal support for biofuels has made them an attractive and competitive alternative to imported fuels.

“Customers can manage their motoring costs and do good for the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If every petrol-powered passenger car in New Zealand used biofuel we’d save – 740,000 tonnes of carbon at $25 per tonne* that’s – $18,500,000 annually,” said Mr Bodger.

“The simple decision to choose biofuel can do so much good. That’s why many kiwis are making the change, but we can do more.”
Gull is a passionate advocate of biofuels, and introduced Gull Force 10, New Zealand’s first biofuel (a 10% ethanol mixed with premium gasoline giving higher octane and cleaner performance), more than three and a half years ago.

Source: TheBioenergySite

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