Sceptre International Group Limited News – ‘Bonfire of the quangos’ threatens climate change committee

The independent status of Britain’s key climate change watchdog is under threat, environmental groups have warned, because it has been included on a list of quangos whose structure could be altered at the discretion of ministers.

The committee on climate change (CCC) was established by the Climate Change Act 2008, the first piece of legislation of its kind in the world. It has already played a role in policing plans for reducing the UK’s carbon emissions and is respected by business groups, energy companies and green organisations.

The government is pushing forward David Cameron’s promised “bonfire of the quangos”, with ministers convinced they can save money by slimming the number of these institutions through the public bodies bill going through parliament.

The CCC appears in schedule seven of the bill, covering “bodies and offices subject to power”, meaning that, while the committee is not imminently due for abolition, its independent status could be altered, possibly without an act of parliament.

There is concern that decisions over the CCC’s future could be determined by the opinion of the minister for the Cabinet Office, a member of the government who may not necessarily have a knowledge of climate change matters. Francis Maude holds that position at present.

read the full article by Allegra Stratton of the Guardian here

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