There is little doubt that we face major global challenges in the decades ahead – global warming, burgeoning demand for resources, transport congestion, trading imbalances, expanding populations and so on – but these challenges present equally major opportunities for those companies that have the foresight and capability to deliver solutions to these challenges. At Sceptre Group we offer ethical investments  that will use your money to be part of the solution and in doing so, share in the potential success of those businesses.

We like to demonstrate to investors that ethical investing and  green technologies – once perceived as perhaps marginal can in fact lead to an extremely viable and investment strategy.

Mission Statement
At Sceptre Group we have a single focus; namely, the management of ethical investment portfolios for a wide range of organizations and individuals. Our objective is to deliver to our clients superior long-term investment performance, utilizing a broadly diversified investment approach.

We encourage a culture that stresses ethical conduct, strong management practices and sound business principles focused on providing our clients with superior long-term investment performance. The continued commitment of our organization to future excellence is clearly embodied in our assembly of one of the top professional investment teams in the industry and our continual refinement of our systems and approaches.

Investment Philosophy
Sceptre Group’s investment philosophy is to provide our clients with long-term investment performance which meets or exceeds their requirements, without assuming any unnecessary risk in the portfolio.

We seek to accomplish this objective by focusing on superior security selection within our portfolios. At Sceptre Group, we feel it’s imperative to get the correct project structure right at the start and, by correct structure, we are referring to structures which:

  • Can create a structure for a project in such a way that it will ring fence the asset, such as freehold, trust or debenture formations where leases are used therefore protecting it and its users from any unforeseen demise of the developer, a factor which no matter how big, or small a brand may be, is of key importance to today’s savvy consumers.
  • Can create a structure for a project in such a way that it will protect the returns of an investor through insurance policies that cover even in the unlikely force majeure event.
  • Are uncomplicated and user friendly structure for operations, sales & marketing and the investor.
  • Offer the end user client an exit route, if required.

For more information about Biofuel Investments please visit our website at www.sceptreinternational.com.


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